Sunday School #32: DJ Craze


By: Forward Musiq
As we return to our weekly Sunday segment, we present the fierce defender of DJ’ing, DJ Craze and his incredible talent on the decks.

Born in Managua, Nicaragua on November 19, 1977 only lived in the country for 3 years before moving to the US due to the war that plagued the country throughout the 80’s. His family soon moved to Miami, Florida where he still resides. Drawing influences from hip-hop, drum & bass and breaks, Craze always remained true to the art of spinning, gaining a name for himself. He recently started producing Drum & Bass on his own label, Cartel, and has released a length of albums spanning from 1999 to his most recent one, FabricLive.38 on 2008. Hi holds a heavy list of awards from championships as well as recognition  most of them coming from the World DMC Champion title. More recently he established a record label with Kill The Noise under the distribution of Fool’s Gold, A-Traks label. Being a veteran of turntablism, it’s no wonder he is the only DJ in the world to hold claim of the DMC World DJ Championships Trophy three times in a row from 1998 to 2000. Be sure to catch Craze performing on March 1 here on Puerto Rico at the Illuminato


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