Sunday School #33: Excision

By: Forward Musiq
This week we present to you the living Tyrannosaurus of Bass, Excision.

Words come short when describing Jeff Abel’s sounds. But grotesque  regurgitating, ground shaking and rib rattling come to mind very easily. Born in British Columbia, Canada, in 1986, the relatively young producer has already established himself as one of the mayor names on the Dubstep scene. He started working on electronic music since 2004, often collaborating with other Canadian Dubstep figures, especially with Datsik and Downlink, so often, that the rise in their careers came at the same time since much of their work is collaborations between the three. From 2004 to 2007 he disck jockeyed his way to recognition, and finally on 2007 he forged his own record label entitled Rottun Recordings where he released his first production, No Escape along with the mix, Rottun 2007.

No Escape / Bug Powdah

No Escape / Bug Powdah, released through Rottun Recordings alongside with Innasekt was Jeff’s first step into the production world, already making a huge splash and gaining a considerable fan base that only demanded more from the Canadian musician. Too Late is extremely reminiscent of the early Dubstep movement of the UK, with a mellow yet somber and somewhat eerie tone prevailing throughout the song.

Do It Now / This Is War

In response to the aggressive style originated in No Escape, and demanded by the fans, Excision soon released his second EP, Do It Now / This Is War, in collaboration with Noiz and Rakoon. Do it Now, Excision’s track of the EP, is in collaboration with Noiz, following up on No Escape, Do It Now is simple, yet deep and resonating enough to catch ones attention, specially at the time it was released.


Wasted is in it’s own way, Excision’s first solo EP, featuring the tracks Wasted ans Serious Business. Wasted shows Excision’s aggressive style growing more and more, slowly leaving that UK influenced Dubstep for the more Robot-Step influenced Western style. The iconic bass saying Wasted is one of the key factors in the song, yet Serious Business doesn’t fall behind and delivers just as well or even better, depending on your taste. This was also the first EP to be signed off Rottun Recods, being released in 2009 through Rag & Bone

Shambhala 2008 and 2009


Since 2008, Excision as developed a sort of residency at Shambhala, the leading electronic music festival in Canada. His sets have become sort of legend, and since 2008 he’s been releasing them to his fans for free. It is also, tradition of Jeff to preview songs currently unreleased or special only to the Mixes themselves, while the content itself is intense and to us, part of the best Dubstep mixes out there. To point out, a lot of songs that where released during 2010 where already on the 2008 and 2009 mixes.

Know You / 3vil Five


The classic Know you has become a very well known track to Excision fans, mainly due to the pure deepness and eerieness surrounding the atmosphere of the song, particularly simple, featuring Excision’s signature bass growls.



Hypothermic, it’s deep, funky, mind melting. Really good production in collaboration with SubDivision. Now titanium contains an element we really love about Excision: fusing Metal with Dubstep. It’s mellow, but the influence is clearly there, and the result is kick-ass.



On of the essential Excision songs to listen to. It’s funny, full of bass, and the first official collaboration with Datsik, what’s not to love of Swagga? We can’t really say much about this song other than the ridiculous bass it contains, and that we are pretty sure both Canadians did they song in satire, a practice Excision is well known for. The EP also contains the song Invaders, it’s pure filth. That is all we have to say for the song, specially for that faster tempo Drum-step esque part, pure filth that only Datsik and Excision can achieve.



So dirty and so good, Aliens in collaboration with Endophyte is an exquisitely filthy track with snippets from The X-Files, adding to that allure of the title. The EP comes along as well with the track Too Late, which is relatively less intense than Aliens, yet it’s not to be underestimated.

Ying  Yang

Ying Yang

Ying Yang, featuring DZ, turns out to be what you would really expect from Excision at this point in his timeline, filthy bass somewhat now mixes with Hip-Hop influences, yet retaining that original Excision ominous spice. Then there’s Obvious. Just when you think Excision is going soft, NOPE, a slap to your face with bass and awesomeness. this is a fun track to listen, fast paced, with snippets of dialogue that transport you into a new realm where social de-evolution seems to be complete.

Shambhala 2010

Shambhala 2010

We’re not going to lie to you. To us, this is the perfect Dubstep mix. No doubts in our mind. The sheer intensity  the introduction, the list of A grade songs, to put it short it’s jaw dropping. Let’s start with the intro, if you’ve heard it once, the judgement being delivered by Excision himself in that demonic deep voice would have sunk so far into your memory that you would recognize the phrase wherever you would hear it. Then the explosive Fire previous to “powering up the bridge cannon”, is just rib kicking goodness.



Jeff’s debut album starts with the already iconic X-Rated, that accordingly begins with a robotic T-Rex roaring it’s way into bassline goodness and Messinian vocalizing awesomeness into the track. The album concept in itself explores Excision’s versatility as a Dubstep producer, exploring new areas and sounds, yet retaining many of his original sounds as well. Tracks that stand out as superb on the album are X-Rated, Sleepless, SeXism, Execute, Swerve and Deviance.


Excision has certainly made his name on the Western Dubstep scene with extreme force, as well on international grounds. His hard work and talent have paid off, and his constant creativity make sure his music never dulls and always has some surprise for his ever growing and loyal fanbase. Specially now that he plans to take his talents to a new level with Destroid, his new live Dubstep band alongside with Downlink and KJ Sawka, Pendulum’s former drummer. Much more is to be expected from this Canadian Producer and DJ, and certainly he is right there on the top as one of our favorite artists, because, without a doubt, personally we would have never gotten into Dubstep without him.


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