On The Fringe #13 The M Machine

By: Forward Musiq

On this week’s edition and triumphant return of “On The Fringe” we got for you one of the most visually and sonically stunning indie dance/EDM groups out there, The M Machine.

The M Machine is one of the most progressive, up to date and fresh electronic music acts in the EDM scene today. Born in 2011, The M Machine is made up of San Francisco natives Ben Swardlick, Eric Luttrell and Andy Coenen. The M Machine is undoubtedly the biggest name in Skrillex’s label OWSLA, having already toured all over the US and Europe having shared the stage with EDM heavy weights like Skrillex, Diplo, Miike Snow, Pendulum, Markus Schulz, The Bloody Beetroots to name a few.

The M Machine, like most of the artists we feature here on this segment has a sound all of their own. With a strong very Californian indie flavor and passing, The M Machine marries varying EDM styles such as dubstep, electro, progressive house and drum and bass. Also you can see a distinct European funk flavor to many of their songs. The M Machine always tell a story through their lyrics and impactful atmospheric music, blurring the line between indie, soft pace rock and very progressive EDM. To help deliver this amazing music is their very unique live lights show that is set up to the rhythm of their music. Simply awe inspiring.

This San Francisco group also has a very impressive catalog of music, making them one of the most hardworking young music acts in the world. Their releases include two EPs (Metropolis I & II) and a single (Promise me a rose garden/Glow). In the future we can expect many awards and recognitions from the EDM world and the music world in general. They are just that damn good.


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