Sunday School #34: W&W

By: Forward Musiq

In the triumphant return of “Sunday School” we give you Trance’s most hyped up duo, W&W.

W&W is a Dutch EDM duo consisted of Willem van Hanegem and Wardt van der Harst. This dynamic duo specialize in playing and producing Progressive House and Trance big room anthems. W&W started their musical careers as a group in 2007 and already they are considered one of the top names in Trance and big room house all over the globe.

Ward and Willen both met at Electro Energy 2007 when they where discovering their love for electronic music, specially of the huge room filling type. So that same summer they decided to head to the studio together to start creating music. This led to their first original production “Mustang” which hit the Trance world by storm. With Sander van Dorn playing this track at Electro Energy the following year and high praise from Armin van Buuren, W&W hit the Trance scene by storm with one career starting track.

W&W are extremely hard workers and in the few years they have been together they have been putting out impressive house/trance track after another and killing it on the remix scene. This Dutch duo have remixed tracks from the likes of Zedd’s “Clarity”, Dash Berlin’s “Waiting”, Armin van Buuren’s “This Is What It Feels Like”, Cosmic Gate’s “Over The Rainbow” and many more awesome House and Trance room fillers.

What set’s W&W apart in the Progressive House and Trance scene is their willingness to push the boundaries of what these EDM genres are supposed to sound like. They are constantly experimenting with their sound so they can find a good balance between having a signature W&W stable to every one of their tracks and also having every track sound unique. They approach every new track as a challenge to themselves and their musical prowess. This leaves an impressive catalog of original production, all of which are fan favorites. Some of the notable mentions are “Arena”, “Dome”, “Mainstage”, “Impact”, “AK47”, “Search For Tomorrow”, “Moscow” and many many more. W&W have also collaborated with some of the biggest names in Progressive House and Trance like Ummet Ozcan, Marcel Woods, Mark Sixma and Armin van Buuren.

W&W Full Singles List

2013 W&W & Armin van Buuren – D# Fat

2013 W&W & Ummet Ozcan – The Code

2012 W&W – Lift Off

2012 W&W – White Label

2012 W&W – Moscow

2012 W&W & Marcel Woods – Trigger

2012 W&W & Jochen Miller – Summer

2012 W&W – Shotgun

2011 W&W – Invasion

2011 W&W – Cookie Jar

2011 W&W & Ummet Ozcan – Velecity

2011 W&W & Leon Bolier – Treasure Chest

2011 W&W feat. Emily – State of Emergency

2011 W&W feat. Bree – Nowhere To Go

2011 W&W – Search For Tomorrow

2011 W&W – Do Skip

2011 W&W – Based On A True Story

2011 W&W – Code Red

2011 W&W & Mark Sixma – Twist

2011 W&W – Beta

2011 W&W feat. Ana Criado – Three O’Clock

2011 W&W vs Wezz Devall – Phantom

2011 W&W – AK47

2011 W&W – Impact

2010 W&W vs Ben Gold – Break The Rules

2010 W&W vs Ben Gold – Nexgen

2010 W&W vs Leon Bolier – Saturn

2010 W&W – Alpha

2010 W&W – Manhattan

2010 W&W vs Jonas Stenberg – Alligator F*ckhouse

2010 W&W – D.N.A.

2009 W&W vs Ummet Ozcan – Synergy

2009 W&W – System Overload

2009 W&W – Mainstage

2009 W&W – Our Plan

2008 W&W – Plasma (Exclusive on Trance Yearmix 2008)

2008 W&W – Arena / Chronicles

2008 W&W – Dome

2008 W&W – Countach / Intercity

2007 W&W – Mustang / Eruption

Already considered big room monoliths and mentioned in the same breath as some of the most influential DJs/producers in the world, W&W are making one of the fastest, most impressive and musically relevant runs in Trance history. Having already released a debut album in 2011 called “Impact” on Armada Music, and playing this year’s ASOT 600, W&W are now getting the attention of world wide EDM fans and deviating from the beaten path with their latest’s solo productions “Lift Off” and “White Label”. W&W have a big say in what Trance and big room House will sound like and be for a long time to come.


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