On The Fringe #16: Velvet Effects (Interview)


On this edition of  “On The Fringe” we showcase one of San Juan fiercest, young, bass music acts Velvet Effects.

Although Velvet Effects is a young 18 year old DJ, she is already playing with the big boys of San Juan’s bass music scene. With her unique alternative look, in your face demeanor and with the fact that she is actually classically trained in music, Velvet Effects is poised to become a Puerto Rican DNB dynamo. I got a chance to speak with her and ask her a few questions. This will be “On The Fringe’s” first interview;


How did you get your start in the bass music scene in San Juan?

Well, as soon as I moved to the metro area I got acquainted with this scene starting with the very first Electronic Daisy Carnival in 2010.After that experience I became infatuated with electronic music and kept lusting for more events, attending most since then it became a sort of culture meeting the local djs and creating special bonds with all my fellow ravers.

What is it about bass music that really made you focus on it on your mixes and live sets?

The idea of becoming a dj didn’t really flow originally because of bass music itself. I’ve been a musician all my life and as soon as I saw the possibilities in this new and quickly rising genre I decided to ride the wave and put my musical knowledge into creating even newer sounds.

What is your favorite EDM genre to work with as a DJ? What are some of the tracks you are currently rocking out to/working with?

I could say I’ve always loved drum and bass and even in the beginning, although I started out playing electro-dubstep I aspired to play dnb, which back then I thought was much harder to mix currently, receptor, xilent and shock one are on top of my favorites list.

How is it to be a woman in such a male dominated music scene? What are some of the challenges and advantages?

I guess the fact that there are higher expectations is both an advantage and a disadvantage also, females are acclaimed for in this scene, and since I’m one of the few in pr it’s a bit tedious having to be careful of people who try to take charge and advantage of my affairs.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far in your career? What are some of the best parties you have played?

My biggest honor was and will probably always be having played at blokhe4d last year.I closed the event how puertorricans would say “con broche de oro”. Hearing the last men standing, tall and proud, cheer and applaud, brought tears to my eyes.

In what do you focus on when creating your mixes? Is it more party oriented or are you trying to tell a story and have a certain musical direction?

You can compare my transitions with the smooth flowing silky texture of the velvet fabric. a soft, lighter side slowly progresses onto a darker rougher side to the touch. I focus a lot on string instruments such as piano and violins that give a theatrical feel to my mixes, just as a soundtrack compliments a movie and although it sounds like I’m just agreeing with you, truth is I actually have been writing stories behind every single one of my mixes for a little project I plan to do in the future.

What is the biggest goal you are striving for in your EDM career? Are you looking at this as more than a side project?

I would make edm my life, but for now it’s just my inspiration and release in life. after mastering production I wish to collaborate with quite a couple other well known fellow producers such as mefjus and xilent.

Do you express your creativity in other ways other than DJing?

Both my parents are artists. My father was my elementary music teacher. I remember being 4 years old and sitting at the piano practicing under my dad’s pretty strict but effective rule. Thanks to his persisting teachings I learned how to play at an early age and still continue to. And my mother (being an art teacher) taught me all she knew at home; from drawing to painting techniques to sculpting, among other things, while using recycled materials too.

Are there any original productions we can expect in the future from Velvet Effects?

You can count on that! There’s more than a trick or two up my sleeve that will soon give edm a unique twist I can’t wait for

Where can people contact you for bookings or listen to your music? And also, plug your upcoming shows and shout-outs!

You can hit me up on my facebook velvet effects fanpage and take a gander at my music on soundcloud.com/velveteffects or mixcloud.com/velveteffects. This saturday I’m going to be playing my very first all dnb set at Club Ziva in Hato Rey.

Last question. Do you think your interviewer is sexyliscious or gorgeoustacular? 😉

I believe its sexylisiously gorgeoustacular, sweetheart ;D






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