Sunday School #37: Miami Horror


By: Forward Musiq

This we highlight Melbourne’s own synth-pop and funk throwbacks, Miami Horror.

Miami Horror is a four piece synth-pop/nu-disco/house outfit from Melbourne Australia comprised of its founder, producer and DJ, Benjamin Plant and band members  Josh Moriarty, Aaron Shanahan and Daniel Whitechurch. Making his way into the DJ scene in Melbourne in 2007, founding member Benjamin Plant started releasing remixes under the name of Miami Horror. Plant’s first remixes were of local Australian music acts like Grafton Primary and The Presets. Plant also remixed famous acts like Tegan and Sara and Stardust.

In 2008, Benjamin Plant started playing in house parties and club parties like Street Party and Third Class. This same year Plant showed off his prowess as a producer, remixing Pnau, Bloc Party, Datarock, and The Dirty Secrets and also, under the name of Miami Horror, released his first EP Bravado on Virgin records. Miami Horror also got signed to EMI for international distribution.


After getting so much attention from the Bravado EP on the blogasphere, Miami Horror created a live band, to better represent Benjamin’s vision of 70’s and 80’s dance music mixed with current indie and house music. Miami Horror as the band achieved international and commercial recognition with their breakthrough hit “Sometimes”. This track got major radio play and was a target for many club remixes.


On August 2010, Illumination, Miami Horror’s first album was released. This album featured the singles “Moon Theory” and “I Look to You”. Illumination brought Miami Horror into the forefront of the indie dance scene. This album was a revolution in the already emerging indie/nu-disco sound, and gave it it’s signature sound with its perfect mix of live DJing and band performance. Miami Horror’s latest singles are  “Summersun” and “Under The Milky Way” released in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Miami Horror have a heavy presence in the dance scene around the world and keep playing live for those hearts who love their house with that classic live groove taste! They are currently in the studio working up some new sounds for their second studio album, so stay tuned for more funk!



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