On The Fringe #18: Anna Lunoe

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By: Forward Musiq

Our 18th edition of “On The Fringe” goes down under, recapping the career of the hottest youngblood in the house and indieclub scene, Anna Lunoe.

Anna Lunoe is a DJ/producer from Sydney Australia that has been blazing the trail in the house scene since 2011.  She has led the beatport charts since making her debut in LA and is aptly skilled at setting an atmosphere with her DJing. But she started her career in Sydney before her international success. She became the first woman to curate cds for Ministry of Sound in Australia, played in high fashion shows and all the hottest clubs in the continent.


She entered the DJ scene mostly playing indie and hip-hop, but her love for house music made her the sensation she is today. Her flexibility with genres and prowess at the turntables has made her an artist favorite having played in such a short career alongside Diplo, Daft Punk, Calvin Harris and more. Anna Lunoe is also a prominent  producer, infusing electronic elements and house beats with UK garage and indie pop. Her music is mesmerizing, silky smooth but with that edge and attitude that defines her. Her first production was in 2011, with a disco insipired collaboration with Wax Motif  “Love Ting”. In 2012 she released tracks in Fools Gold, Future Classic, Fjordin & Yes Yes Records, but her biggest hit to date is her dream like house track as a singer with Flume in “I Met You”, one of the best house tracks in 2012. Her collaboration with Talk Sensitive, “Real Talk” cemented her as a major indie club and house player in the international scene. “Real Talk” reached #1 in the indie chart in beatport for three months, which made her 4th overall in the beatport charts. With her undeniable talent as a producer and DJ, and her innovative mix of silky smooth ambience and house edge, plus the fact that her career is just starting, Anna Lunoe is poised to be the next huge sensation in EDM and a very important house music mainstay.


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