Sunday School #38: Bag Raiders


By: Forward Musiq

This weeks Sunday School feels the groove! We discuss Jack Glass and Chris Stracey’s EDM collaboration, Bag Raiders.

Bag Raiders is the musical project of Sydney Australia’s Jack Glass and Chris Stracey. Formed in 2006, this duo got together in 2006, channeling their love for music and their retro musical preferences. Bag Raider’s major influences include Orbital, Earth Wind and Fire, and The Brothers Johnson. Jack Glass and Chris Stracey’s love for music has led them to combine a myriad of these musical influences into a sound all of their own, producing some of the freshest, alternative beats around.


Bag Raider’s biggest hits where “Shooting Stars” and “Way Back Home” which give them national and international recognition in places like Germany. Bag Raider’s original productions also include a myriad of EPs and singles such as : The Bag Raiders EP (24 June 2007, Bang Gang 12 Inches), Fun Punch EP (15 August 2007, Bang Gang 12 Inches), Turbo Love (16 October 2008, Bang Gang 12 Inches),Shooting Stars (14 August 2009, Modular Recordings), Big Fun (10 November 2009, Fool’s Gold Records), Way Back Home (24 September 2010, Modular Recordings), Sunlight (11 February 2011, Modular Recordings), Not Over (14 October 2011, Modular Recordings). Bag Raiders also have a full length album simple titled “Bag Raiders” out on Mudular records.

Bag Raiders are a musical group by all definitions. Not influenced by the needs to fit into EDM molds, they just create fresh, funky house music inspired by the golden days of funk!

bag raiders album art


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