On The Fringe #20: Art Department


By: Forward Musiq

We celebrate the 20th edition of “On The Fringe” with the techno-house super duo Art Department!
Art Department started with the union of Jonny White and Canadian tech-house legend Kenny Glasgow. These two monsters of the North American underground dance scene got together in 2009 to remix “Riz MC” for Crosstown Records Label. This remix and union of two of Americas golden boys of house and techno seemed to be a musical revelation. This duo created unique, forward thinking work that explored techno and house, and all the capabilities of the oldest form of dance music. From this collaboration Art Department got started and opened a new chapter in dance music, by pushing boundaries withing the different house sub-genres.


Art Department entered as a group into the studio molding new ideas and expanding dance horizons by incorporating vocal performances from Kenny Glasgow. When the president of Crosstown Records heard the unique direction Art Department was taking on he signed them to the label. This opened many doors for the Canadian duo, Having already years of leadership in America, they debuted their collaboration live in the prestigious WMC in 2010, where they cemented themselves as the hot new group in dance music. It is also no surprise that they landed a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, given the duo’s legendary status as solo artists. With more than 20 years combined experience, sublime productions and impeccable music tastes, Jonny White and Kenny Glasgow as Art Department are the unlikely jet-setters for the new growing trend in EDM today, modern techno and minimalist house (future bass).



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