On The Fringe #21: Crizzly


By: Forward Musiq

This week “On The Fringe” bring the swagger as we highlight “crunkstep” master Crizzly!

Crizzly is a young dubstep producer from Texas that has been blowing up these past two years in the dubstep scene. Having coined his own term for his own brand of heavily hip-hop infused dubstep called “crunkstep”.

Crizzly started his rise to stardom as a bedroom producer, bootlegging and remixing his favorite hip hop tracks with the very appropriate genre of brostep. Crzzly is truly one of the few stalwarts of the now declining dubstep scene. He keeps it real and tight. His sets are every EDM fanatic’s guilty pleasure featuring remixes and reworks of the hottest rap artists today. Ever his massive last year appearance in Coors Light EDC Puerto Rico where he held his own in an increadibly stacked bassPOD and this year he flat out stole the show in EDC Las Vegas in the biggest dubstep stage in America. In light of his success in the festival circuit Crizzly headed out on his own to create original productions and collabs, and stopped relying to heavily on working with other people’s music. Crizzly is one of the few loyal brostep loyal DJs left and he is currently stealing the show. This young producer has a very bright future. Look him ┬áto headline next year’s festivals!



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