Daft Punk’s Appearance in MTV VMA


By: Forward Musiq

Daft Punk’s much hyped appearance in the VMA’s was a brief appearance of the french dance superstars, leaving many fans equally dazed as they were disappointed. After the Stephen Colbert publicity stunt, every one expected more than just an award presentation alongside Nile Rogers and Pharrell Williams to highly maligned “country” music star Taylor Swift. We can all admit that for this one time we all held our collective breaths waiting for Kanye West to interrupt, but I digress. Daft Punk have taken over the world with their single “Get Lucky” and fourth studio album Random Access Memories, so seeing them not get the VMA for the summer anthem was a huge disappointment to say the least. Was this teaser really worth breaking our hearts TWICE and crushing out dreams of seeing the robots play on live television. Again, this is typical Daft Punk. THIS is the way to create infamy and legendary status.

HOWEVER they did premiere their music video for “Lose Yourself To Dance”. Enjoy the TV spot on the link below the promo pic, soon enjoy it on youtube! This stunt further proves that Daft Punk always never fails at creating mystique and giving fans something to speculate over.



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