Sunday School #41: Paco Osuna


By: Forward Musiq
This week we present to you Paco Osuna’s tech ruled beats and why he’s regarded as one of the best in the Techno Scene.

Techno has since been one of the ruling electronic genres in the scenes, one that has heavily influenced electronic music blissfully untouched by mainstream influences. One of these sub genre’s spawned from Techno and House, is Tech House, Paco Osuna has built over the years an expertise of the two, delivering world re-known DJ sets and acclaimed productions. Born in 1974, in Barcelona, Paco started showing interest in music by attending several raves, mostly in Studio 54 where Raul Orrellana was playing Acid House,  Around 1994, he moved to Valencia where he started experimenting with decks and later in ’95 he performed his first gig at the ACTV club (he later achieved a year long residency at the club). While working at various other clubs, he also worked in a record shop, where a recording studio allowed him to produce three singles for the label Lucas. In 1999, he obtained a residency in the prestigious Ibiza club, Amnesia being one of the first to play Techno in the Island. There, while expanding his abilities into various styles he meet Sven Sväth, who became a great source of inspiration for the Spanish DJ. The re-known artists soon realized Paco’s talent and introduced him into his agency, Cocoon Booking.


Around 2001, Paco Osuna started leaving the Tech House sound for a more Techno one and ever since he’s been working on polishing his own style of Techno, recently releasing through Plus 8 Records, the latest being his releases on the Amigos EPs. featuring songs like Kawuriel and art confusion which he collaborated with John Lagora.

If you want to break the norm from Electro House and Dubstep, and seek a finer and more soul rooted musical experience, Paco Osuna is the man to watch at the fifth edition of the Puerto Rico Electric Daisy Carnival, being celebrated on September 13 and 14. With sounds straight from Ibiza, this is an act for house and Techno enthusiasts alike, as well as a solid experience for any newcomers. One we highly recommend seeing live.


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