Sunday School #42: Steve Angello


By: Forward Musiq
With one week till EDCPR arrives, we give you possibly the biggest headliner of the event, the magnificent Steve Angello.

Steve Angello was born on November 22, 1982. He was born to a Greek father and to a Swedish mother, and though he was born in Athens, Greece, he was raised in Stockholm, Sweden. He took an interest in music, specifically DJing, around the age of 12. Starting out as a turntablist, he experimented with an array of genres including Hip-Hop and Breakbeats. By his late teens he began to take an interest in house music, mainly through Sebastian Ingrosso, his best friend. They began producing under the alias of Outfunk in 2001. Although Steve started producing under his own name in 2003, his rise to fame came in 2004 with his remix of Eurythmics’s, Sweet Dreams.

His continued rise of fame, both in the production and DJing fields continued up to the formation of Swedish House Mafia along with Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell. This did not stop Steve from producing under his own name, nailing hits such as KNAS, 555, and the acclaimed Leave the World Behind. As the years went by, his style became more polished and fixed towards what we can call thematic and epic. Often portraying epic builds that culminate in massive progressive notes, while maintaining the chief elements of Electro-House.

Back in 2003, Steve established his own label entitled, Sized Records. Through it, Steve Angello has released much of his own work as well as representing big name artists such as Avicii, AN21, Laidback Luke, Sander van Doorn, deadmau5 and many others. A note worth mentioning is that AN21, Antoine Josefsson, is Angello’s brotherĀ and the two collaborate quite often with fellow producer Max Vangeli.

Although the recent “break-up” of Swedish House Mafia has been met with ill spirits by many, others, mainly the fan base of each member have met the departure with great excitement, since it marks a period of original material from the artists. This is specially true of Steve Angello who since the break-up has been working non stop (and at the same time while he was on the group). With the release of SLVR, Size Record’s latest triumph, the superstar has a busy future ahead of him, with many productions under way and venues to be destroyed. One in specific is this year’s Electronic Daisy Carnival here in Puerto Rico, where Steve Angello will be headlining the first day, so make sure to catch him!


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