Daft Punk’s Appearance in MTV VMA


By: Forward Musiq

Daft Punk’s much hyped appearance in the VMA’s was a brief appearance of the french dance superstars, leaving many fans equally dazed as they were disappointed. After the Stephen Colbert publicity stunt, every one expected more than just an award presentation alongside Nile Rogers and Pharrell Williams to highly maligned “country” music star Taylor Swift. We can all admit that for this one time we all held our collective breaths waiting for Kanye West to interrupt, but I digress. Daft Punk have taken over the world with their single “Get Lucky” and fourth studio album Random Access Memories, so seeing them not get the VMA for the summer anthem was a huge disappointment to say the least. Was this teaser really worth breaking our hearts TWICE and crushing out dreams of seeing the robots play on live television. Again, this is typical Daft Punk. THIS is the way to create infamy and legendary status.

HOWEVER they did premiere their music video for “Lose Yourself To Dance”. Enjoy the TV spot on the link below the promo pic, soon enjoy it on youtube! This stunt further proves that Daft Punk always never fails at creating mystique and giving fans something to speculate over.




Daft Punk | Random Access Memories | The Collaborators

By: ForwardMusiq

Ever since the internet became the “thing”, media has been in an ever evolving flux of new ideas. Intel and Vice bring us a revolutionary new project called “The Creators Project” where technology, music and technology combine to give you an in depth look into the artists you most love. Here is their bio:

The Creators Project is a global celebration of art and technology.

Founded by a revolutionary partnership between Intel and VICE, The Creators Project celebrates visionary artists across multiple disciplines who are using technology in innovative ways to push the boundaries of creative expression.

We seek to inspire new and emerging artists by showcasing the infinite possibilities presented by the advancement of modern technology. The Creators Project is proud to have showcased more than 500 artists from all around the world.

In 2013, The Creators Project solidifies its position as an unparalleled online arts channel with a slate of original documentaries that offers a look inside the minds of some of today’s most innovative artists in music, film, art and design, fashion and gaming – and introduces artists whose works are inspired and enabled by new technologies.

In addition, The Creators Project features a slate of original artwork commissions, a music video series, featuring household and emerging names, tech-focused tutorials, and deep-reaching collaborations between Intel Labs and high profile artists within the program.

With a growing global distribution network, The Creators Project is quickly becoming the premier arts, technology and culture channel featuring cutting-edge artworks and high quality content sought out by fans and artists alike.

We invite you to get involved. Experience. Inspire. Innovate.


Their biggest undertaking is centered around Daft Punk’s long awaited new album, “Random Access Memories”. Each episode chronicles a  different collaborator and brings us closer to understanding what promises to be one of the most groundbreaking albums in EDM history! With these groundbreaking videos you will get to understand the incredible dynamics behind what electronic music is and everything that influenced the creation of  Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories”. Here we present to you every episode released so far!


Get Lucky- Daft Punk


By: Forward Musiq

No, you aren’t dreaming. It’s official. The gods of electronic music, Daft Punk, have officially returned, with the launch of the lead single, Get Lucky. And they haven’t been funkier. Embracing the Disco influences to the fullest we’ve seen in any Electronic artist, the robotic French duo have finally broken a 8 year (not counting Tron: legacy Soundtrack) wait for new material. Enlisting the vocals of Pharrell and the contribution of Nile Rogers, legends both, Daft Punk has delivered successfully what is, without a doubt, the Summer tune of 2013, and probably the decade. A funky Disco-esque tune that combined with the vocals of Pharrell and the producing expertise of Daft Punk, has literally transcended what electronic music is. Going back to the roots of electronic music and using analog equipment  and real instruments to produce their music, Daft Punk has clearly demonstrated how music is supposed to be done. Artists, producers, Djs, take note boys and girls, this is how it’s done. Make way for the masters of Funk, 2013 is owned by Daft Punk.

Download link: http://soundowl.com/track/59nm/daft-punk-get-lucky-radio-edit

Daft Punk Album Title: Random Access Memories



By: Forward Musiq

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is here, ready to be Pre-ordered through iTunes. Daft Punk has finally released the name of their upcoming fourth album, entitled Random Access Memories. The album is set to be released on May 21st through Colombia Records, and as mentioned above, can be Pre-Ordered through iTunes for 11.99. The album contains 13 tracks, yet as of now none of the names have been released. Bellow you will find the link to verify the God’s return.


Daft Punk Spring 2013

By: Forward Musiq

The Gods of Dance music, Daft Punk, have returned at last, officially announcing that their fourth album will be released sometime in Spring of this year. Already in the process of finalizing the contract with Sony/Columbia for the album (leaving their past label EMI), the robotic French duo has been biggest topic as of yesterday in the EDM community. News of the official statement came from the mouth of no other than Guy-Manuel, allegedly telling some of his friends the news at Kavinsky’s party sometime around last week for his latest album release. 2012 was plagued by constant rumors of Daft Punk’s return, leading one to anticipate that 2013 was going to be the final date. With announcements of their collaborations with artists such as Paul Williams and Nile Rodgers, we have that limited idea of how the album will turn out, and we can safely say that if 2012 was ruled by EDM, 2013 will be dominated by Daft Punk. Regarding their Summer tour, the details remains quite illusive, with rumors often stating that there will and will not be a tour, we just say time will tell what new live performance Thomas and Guy-Holmes will bring into the scene.