Afrojack “Jacked Tour” @ Centro de Convenciones de Puerto Rico

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By: Forward Musiq

One of the top 5 DJs in the world, Afrojack, is making his triumphant return to Puerto Rico on Saturday, June 29th. Afrojack visits the island on his international “Jacked Tour” where he will be performing, with opening acts Apster and Leroy Styles, on the third floor of San Juan’s convention center. This indoors event promises to be one of the biggest, most lavish, indoor EDM events to even his the island. With the convention center’s “State of The Art Facility” we can bring you the best looking and sounding event possible, and open up a new VIP section. Afrojack is undoubtedly one of the most recognized faces in EDM today, and his “Jacked Tour” is looking to break new ground on the Puerto Rican EDM scene. But you better get your tickets fast, only 8,000 beautiful people will get in!


General Entrance: 35$

Available at Valija Gitana, The Room, Bora Bora, Soccer Gol, Treats, Ticket Center & Promoters:

787.632.9920 I 787.955.1744 I 787.232.2434 I 787.515.1098 I 787.530.8685 I 787.309.7293 I 787.638.9121 I 787.361.3608 I 787.605.1521 I 787.539.7808 I 787.528.2826 I 787.648.9999

VIP Entrance: $55 only 18+

Available at Gustazos

Includes shorter & exclusive lines, private bathrooms and bar, prefered view and (1) free beer.


Leroy Styles